For details on how to select, set and cancel settings for each menu, see “Menu Operations” (vpage 22).
Getting Started Connections Setup Playback Remote Control Multi-zone Information Troubleshooting
• When the menu “Speaker Configuration” “Surround Back
Speaker” setting (vpage 30) is set to “1spkr”, the surround back
speaker display is set to “Surround Back Sp.” .
• Speakers set to “None” in the “Speaker Configuration” settings are
not displayed.
• When “Channel Level” is adjusted, the adjusted values are set for all
the surround modes. To adjust the channel level separately for the
different surround modes, use the operation see page 63.
Operating from the main remote control unit
Adjusting with the main remote control unit using the test tones is
only possible in the “Auto” mode and only effective in the STANDARD
mode. The adjusted levels for the different modes are automatically
stored in the memory.
GAdjusting using test tonesH
q Press [TEST].
Test tones are output from the various speakers.
w Use o p to adjust so that the volume is equal for all speakers.
e When the adjustments are completed, press [TEST] again.
Front Speaker Setup
Select front speakers to use for each surround mode.
[Selectable items]
Normal : To change the settings, select “Custom”.
Custom : Make separate settings for 2-channel mode.
When set to “Custom”, you can select beforehand the front speaker
to use for each surround mode.
[Selectable items]
When set to “Custom”, <SPEAKERS> does not operate.
Crossover Frequency
Select crossover frequency from which subwoofer handles low
range signal.
[Selectable items]
40Hz 60Hz 80Hz 90Hz 100Hz 110Hz 120Hz 150Hz
200Hz 250Hz :
Only the portion of the bass sound of the various speakers output
from the subwoofer that has a frequency below the frequency set
here is output.
Set this according to the low frequency reproduction capabilities of
the speakers you are using.
Advanced :
Set the crossover frequency separately for the different speakers.
• If in the “Advanced” settings, “Subwoofer Setup” (vpage 30)
in the menu is set to “LFE”, it is possible to make this setting
for speakers set to “Small“ at “Speaker Configuration”. If set to
“LFE+Main”, this setting can be made regardless of the speaker
• For speakers set to “Small”, sound below the crossover frequency
is cut from the sound output. The cut bass sound is output from the
subwoofer or front speakers.
• Always set the crossover frequency to “80 Hz”. When using small
speakers, however, we recommend setting the crossover frequency
to a higher frequency.
Test Tone
Select test tone playback method.
[Selectable items]
Auto : Automatically switch speaker from which test tone is
Manual : Manually switch speaker from which test tone is output.
Channel Level
Adjust channel levels to obtain equal volume from all speakers.
Test Tone Start
Output test tone.
[Variable range] OFF z –12dB ~ 0dB ~ +12dB
z In the case of a sub woofer, reducing the volume when it is at “–12
dB” will change the setting to “OFF” (none).
Resets the settings to the default values.
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