Getting Started Connections Setup Playback Remote Control Multi-zone Information Troubleshooting
• Select “Large” or “Small” not according to the physical size of the
speaker but according to the low frequency reproduction capabilities
based on the frequency set at “Crossover Frequency” (vpage
• When “Front Speaker” is set to “Small”, “Subwoofer” can
automatically set to “Yes”.
• If “Subwoofer” is set to “No”, “Front Speaker” is automatically set
to “Large”.
• If “Surround Speaker” is set to “None”, “Surround Back Speaker”
are automatically set to “None”.
• When “Front Speaker” is set to “Small”, “Center Speaker” can not
be set to “Large”.
• When using just one surround back speaker, connect it to the left
channel (SBL).
Large : Select this when using large speakers with ample low
frequency reproduction capabilities.
Small : Select this when using small speakers without ample low
frequency reproduction capabilities.
None : Select this when no speaker is connected.
Yes : Select this when a subwoofer is connected.
No : Select this when no subwoofer is connected.
2spkrs 1spkr :
Select the number of surround back speakers.
Surround Back Speaker
Select surround back speaker use and size.
[Selectable items] (Large Small None )
(2spkrs 1spkr )
By default, the AVR-2309CI’s “Amp Assign” setting is set to “ZONE2”.
To use as the surround back speaker for the MAIN ZONE, change the
“Amp Assign” setting (vpage 35).
Subwoofer Setup
Select low range signal to be reproduced by subwoofer.
This can be set when menu “Speaker Configuration” – “Subwoofer”
is set to “Yes”.
Play music or a movie source and select the mode offering the
strongest bass.
Select “LFE+Main” if you want the bass signals to always be
produced from the subwoofer.
[Selectable items]
LFE : Play low range and LFE signal of channels set to
LFE+Main : Play low range and LFE signal of all channels.
Set distance from listening position to speakers.
Before making the settings, measure the distance from the
listening position to the different speakers.
Feet / Meters
Select unit for distance.
Select step. (smallest distance)
[Selectable items]
1ft 0.1ft : Can be selected when “Feet” is set.
0.1m 0.01m : Can be selected when “Meters” is set.
Resets the settings to the default values.
Distance measurement
Select the speaker you want to set, then set the distance.
Set the value closest to the measured distance.
[Variable range]
0.0ft ~ 60.0ft :
Display when “Feet” is set.
0.00m ~ 18.00m : Display when “Meters” is set.
Set the distance between the listening position and the various
speakers to no more than 20.0 ft (6.00 meters).
For details on how to select, set and cancel settings for each menu, see “Menu Operations” (vpage 22). 0
Surround Speaker
Select surround speakers use and size.
[Selectable items] Large Small None
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