• This function automatically converts various formats of video signals input to the AVR-2309CI into the
format used to output the video signals from the AVR-2309CI to a monitor.
• The AVR-2309CI’s video input/output circuitry is compatible with the following four types of video
Digital video signals: HDMI
Analog video signals: Component video, S-Video and Video
Video Conversion Function
GFlow of video signals inside the AVR-2309CIH
High picture
quality playback HDMI connector
Component video
S-Video connector
Video connector
HDMI connector
Component video
S-Video connector
Video connector
Video input
Monitor output
: When 480i/576i signals are input
• HDMI signals cannot be converted into analog signals.
• 1080p component input video signals cannot be output to anything other than component video
• 480p/576p, 1080i and 720p component video input signals cannot be converted into S-Video or Video
• When a non-standard video signal from a game machine or some other source is input, the video
conversion function might not operate.
• When not using this function, connect a monitor output with the same type of connector as the video
input connector.
• The resolution of the HDMI input-compatible monitor connected to the AVR-2309CI can be checked at
menu “Information” – “HDMI Information” (vpage 53).
• When viewing HDMI or component video signals via the AVR-2309CI, the on-screen display appears
when the MENU on the main unit or the A.MENU button on the main remote control unit is operated.
• When only HDMI or component video signals are input to the AVR-2309CI, the characters of the on-
screen display are not displayed over the picture.
On-Screen Display for Component Video Outputs and HDMI
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