Using the Menus: Shooting Mode
hh: Custom White Balance: Custom White Balance
Choose h to adjust white balance for unusual
lighting conditions. White balance measurement
options will be displayed; frame a white object so
that it fills the monitor and press the shutter but-
ton all the way down to measure white balance.
If “COMPLETED!” is displayed, press MENU/OK to set
white balance to the measured value. This value
can be reselected by pressing MENU/OK when cus-
tom white balance options are displayed.
If “UNDER” is displayed, raise exposure compensa-
tion (pg. 44) and try again.
If “OVER” is displayed, lower exposure compensa-
tion and try again.
2 Tip
To give a deliberate color cast to your photographs,
measure a value for custom white balance using a col-
ored instead of a white object.
Choose whether to sharpen or soften outlines.
HARD: Use for sharp outlines when photograph-
ing such subjects as buildings and text.
STANDARD: Standard sharpness. Best choice in
most situations.
SOFT: Use for soft outlines in portraits and similar
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