5 Press the shutter button all the way
down to start recording.
z REC and time
remaining are dis-
played in monitor
1 Note
Exposure and white balance are adjusted automatically
throughout recording. The color and brightness of the
image may vary from that displayed before recording
2 Tip
There is no need to keep the shutter button pressed
during recording.
6 Press the shutter button halfway to
end recording. Recording ends au-
tomatically when the movie reaches
maximum length or memory is full.
3 Caution
The indicator lamp lights while movies are being re-
corded. Do not open the battery chamber during
shooting or while the indicator lamp is lit. Failure to
observe this precaution could prevent the movie from
being played back.
1 Notes
• Vertical or horizontal streaks may appear in movies
containing very bright subjects. This is normal and
does not indicate a malfunction.
• The E EVF/LCD MODE option in the setup menu is
fixed at 30 fps in movie mode.
• Recording movies for a long time or using the camera
at high ambient temperatures may increase the cam-
era temperature. This is normal and does not indicate
a malfunction.
F Recording Movies
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