1 Rotate the mode dial to F (movie
Time available
is displayed in
2 Press the F button and select a frame size
from the O QUALITY menu. Select h 1280
(1280 × 720) for an aspect ratio of 16 : 9 (High
Definition), f (640 × 480) to record standard
definition movies, or g (320 × 240) for lon-
ger movies. Press DISP/BACK to exit to movie
3 Press MENU/OK and select F AF MODE.
r CENTER: The camera focuses on the sub-
ject in the center of the screen.
u CONTINUOUS: Use when shooting a
moving subject. The camera continuously
focuses on the subject as it moves within the
AF frame.
4 Press DISP/BACK. The camera returns to the
movie recording screen.
Zooming While Recording a Movie
The zoom can be used while recording a movie.
In the setup menu, select 1 DIGITAL or 2 OPTICAL
(pg. 100).
1 DIGITAL: Image quality may deteriorate when
the zoom is used.
2 OPTICAL: The sound of the camera zooming
may be heard when playing movie.
Avoiding Blurred Pictures
If the subject is poorly lit, blurring caused by camera
shake can be reduced using the L DUAL IS MODE
option in the setup menu (pg. 100).
Sensitivity is raised when dual IS is in effect. Note that
blurring may still occur depending on the scene. We
recommend that you turn dual IS off when using a
F Recording Movies
Shoot short movies at 30 frames per second. Sound is recorded via the built-in microphone; do not
cover the microphone during recording.
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