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Shooting Mode
BB Zoom Bracketing Zoom Bracketing
Each time the shutter button is pressed, the cam-
era takes three pictures: one at the current zoom
ratio with an image size of O, a second zoomed
in 1.4 × and cropped to P, and a third zoomed in
2 × and cropped to Q (pictures will only be taken
if there is enough memory for three images). Two
frames are displayed to show the areas that will
be included in the second and third pictures; the
outer frame shows the area that will be recorded
at 1.4 × zoom, the inner frame the area that will
be recorded at 2 × zoom. Press the 6 button to
choose from wide and tall crops.
Wide Tall
1 Notes
• Digital zoom can not be used. If digital zoom is active
when BB mode is selected, zoom will be set to the
maximum optical zoom position.
Burst shooting options are limited to I and OFF.
CC Natural & Natural & NN
This mode helps ensure good results with backlit
subjects and in other situations with difficult light-
ing. Before shooting, raise the flash; pictures can
only be taken when the flash is raised. Each time
the shutter button is pressed, the camera takes
two shots: one shot without the flash to preserve
natural lighting, followed immediately by a sec-
ond shot with the flash. Do not move the camera
until shooting is complete.
1 Notes
Do not use where flash photography is prohibited.
Only available if memory remains for two pictures.
Burst mode is not available.
DD Natural Light Natural Light
Capture natural light indoors, under low light, or
where the flash can not be used. The flash turns
off and sensitivity is raised to reduce blur.
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