First Steps
Inserting a Memory Card
Inserting a Memory Card Inserting a Memory Card
Open the battery-chamber cover.
1 Note
Be sure the camera is off
before opening the bat-
tery-chamber cover.
Insert the memory card.
Holding the memory card in the orientation
shown below, slide it in until it clicks into
place at the back of the slot.
Be sure card is in correct orienta-
tion; do not insert at an angle or
use force.
Close the battery-chamber cover.
Close the battery-cham-
ber cover and slide it in
until the latch clicks into
Removing Memory Cards
After confirming that the camera
is off, press the card in and then
release it slowly. The card can
now be removed by hand.
3 Cautions
• The memory card may spring out if you remove
your finger immediately after pushing the card in.
• Memory cards may be warm to the touch after be-
ing removed from the camera. This is normal and
does not indicate a malfunction.
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