The Setup Menu
PP DISCHARGE (Ni-MH Batteries Only) DISCHARGE (Ni-MH Batteries Only)
The capacity of rechargeable Ni-MH batteries may
be temporarily reduced when new, after long pe-
riods of disuse, or if they are repeatedly recharged
before being fully discharged. Capacity can be
increased by repeatedly discharging the batteries
using the P DISCHARGE option and recharging
them in a battery charger (sold separately). Do
not use P DISCHARGE with non-rechargeable
batteries, and note that the batteries will not dis-
charge if the camera is powered by an optional
AC power adapter and DC coupler.
1 Selecting P DISCHARGE displays a confirma-
tion dialog. Press MENU/OK.
2 Select OK.
3 Press MENU/OK to begin discharging the batter-
ies. When the batteries are fully discharged,
the battery level indicator will blink red and
the camera will turn off. To cancel the process
before the batteries are fully discharged, press
To add shooting date and time, choose T + U.
To add only shooting date, choose T. When OFF
is selected, no information will be added to the
1 Notes
• Added shooting date and time can not be deleted
from the pictures. To take pictures without date and
time, select OFF for S DATE STAMP.
When the camera clock is not set, setting dialog will
be displayed. Set the date and time (pg. 14).
• When using S DATE STAMP, selecting WITHOUT
DATE for K PRINT ORDER (DPOF) is recommend-
ed (pg. 65).
Date and time can not be added to the movies and
the panoramas.
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