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Viewing PicturesViewing Pictures
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How do I view my pictures? Single-frame playback 46
How can I delete pictures easily? The b button 20
How can I select and delete individual pictures or delete all pictures
at once? Deleting pictures 54
Can I zoom in on pictures during playback? Playback zoom 47
Can I mark images with favorite (I) rating? I Favorites 47
How do I view a lot of pictures at once? Multi-frame playback 49
Can I create photobooks from my favorite pictures? Photobook assist 51
How do I find pictures? Image search 53
Can I protect my pictures from accidental deletion? Protect 92
Can I hide the icons in the display when viewing my pictures? Choosing a display format 46
Can I select pictures for upload to YouTubeTM?Uploading pictures 89
Can I select pictures for upload to Facebook?
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