Using the Menus: Playback Mode
Using the Playback MenuUsing the Playback Menu
1 Press the a button to enter play-
back mode.
2 Press MENU/OK to display the play-
back menu.
3 Press the selector up or down to
highlight the desired menu item.
4 Press the selector right to display op-
tions for the highlighted item.
5 Press the selector up or down to
highlight the desired option.
6 Press MENU/OK to select the high-
lighted option.
Playback Menu OptionsPlayback Menu Options
The following options are available:
OptionOption DescriptionDescription
kk PHOTOBOOK ASSIST PHOTOBOOK ASSIST Create books from your favorite photos
(pg. 51).
bb IMAGE SEARCH IMAGE SEARCH Search for pictures by date, subject,
scene, file type, or rating (pg. 53).
AA ERASE ERASE Delete all or selected pictures (pg. 54).
jj MARK FOR UPLOAD MARK FOR UPLOAD Select pictures for upload to YouTube
or FACEBOOK (pg. 89).
II SLIDE SHOW SLIDE SHOW View pictures in a slide show (pg. 87).
BB RED EYE REMOVAL RED EYE REMOVAL Create copies with reduced red eye
(pg. 91).
DD PROTECT PROTECT Protect pictures from accidental dele-
tion (pg. 92).
GG CROP CROP Create cropped copies of pictures
(pg. 93).
O RESIZE Create small copies of pictures (pg. 94).
CC IMAGE ROTATE IMAGE ROTATE Rotate pictures (pg. 95).
FF VOICE MEMO VOICE MEMO Add voice memos to pictures (pg. 96).
SS ERASE FACE RECOG. ERASE FACE RECOG. Remove face recognition links from
the current image (pg. 85).
Select pictures for printing on DPOF- and
PictBridge-compatible devices (pg. 63).
JJ DISP. ASPECTDISP. ASPECT Choose how High Definition (HD) de-
vices display pictures (pg. 97).
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