2.2. The Control Module
The Control Module, shown in Figure 2.2, coordinates switching
of the individual Circuit Modules. The Control Module includes
a Master A/B Gang Switch, status LEDs, and an RJ-11 jack for
connection to your PC, control device or external modem. An
AUX jack is provided to allow connection to a monitored line
and optional external alarm. The AFS-16 always requires one
Control Module.
ÀMaster A/B Gang Switch: Allows manual control of A/B
switching at up to sixteen Circuit Modules. Note that the
Master A/B Gang Switch can be disabled as described in
Section 3.3.2.
ÁALM Indicator: Lights when the Monitor Mode has
automatically switched A/B paths. Note that the Audible
Alarm option must be selected in order for the ALM
Indicator to function. Resets when the ]S command is
invoked. For more information on the Monitor Mode,
please refer to Section 5.3.
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