1. Introduction
The AFS-16 is a versatile switching system, designed for
applications that require automatic routing of analog or digital
signals between a common jack and "A" and "B jacks. The
AFS-16 is ideal for switching RS232, RS422/485, Ethernet/UTP
or telephone lines.
The system consists of a Card Rack, one Power Supply Module,
one Control Module, and up to 16 Circuit Modules. Each Circuit
Module is capable of switching all 8 pins of a common RJ45 jack
between Jack "A" and Jack "B". Each card can be switched
automatically, manually, or by command.
The Monitor Mode allows the unit to automatically switch A/B
paths and/or send a Notify Message when user-specified signal
changes are detected. Connect the unit to WTI's AND-1 Alarm
Notification Device and you can send an alarm message to a
command center or pager.
The RS232 Command Port can be connected to a PC or Modem
to enter set-up parameters, execute switching commands or view
status of the unit.
·Remote Routing of Phone or Ethernet UTP Lines
·Switch to "Out-of-Service" or "Off-Line" Condition
·Active or Fallback Gang Switching
·Disaster Recovery Switching
·Mechanical Contacts for Analog and Digital Switching
·Independent RS-232 Command Port
·"Cry-for-Help" Mode for Remote Notification
·Signal Monitoring for Automatic Switching
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