]T Toggle Switch Position
Toggles the A/B position for the desired Circuit Module as
described in Section 5.2. Invoke the ]T command as follows:
]T N,P [Enter]
NIs the number(s) or name(s) of the desired Circuit
Module(s). Enter an asterisk (*) to switch all modules.
To apply the command to more than one module, enter
the numbers for each desired module separated by a
PIs the desired switch position (Aor B). Always entered
as an uppercase letter.
]D Toggle Circuits to Defaults
Toggles all Circuit Modules to their user-defined default
positions. To switch all circuits to defaults, type ]D [Enter].
]I Initialize/Memory Test
Re-initializes the AFS-16, performs a memory test, and sets all
circuits to default positions. Type ]I [Enter]. A "SURE?"
prompt will be displayed before the command is completed.
Type Y[Enter] to proceed, or N[Enter] to abort.
When this command is invoked, all user-selected
parameters will be lost.
]U Upload Parameters
Allows user-defined AFS-16 parameters to be uploaded to an
ASCII file, providing quick configuration changes, or speedy
setup of similar units. Set your communications program to
receive an ASCII file and then type ]U [Enter].
]F Fill Parameters
Allows Circuit Module Parameters to be defined by a single
command line. The ]F command line includes a series of values
separated by commas. Each value coincides with a parameter
from the ]P submenu. For more information, please refer to the
ASCII file generated by the ]U command.
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