7. Command Summary
All AFS-16 commands conform to the following standards:
·All commands begin with the "]" (Close Square Brackets)
·All command lines are invoked by pressing the [Enter] key.
·Although many commands are case insensitive, it is
recommended to always enter commands using uppercase
(capital) letters.
The AFS-16 offers the following commands:
]H Display Help Screen
Displays a Help Screen, which lists all commands along with a
brief description. Type ]H [Enter].
]S Display Status Screen
Lists the current status of all Circuit Modules, and also resets the
ALM indicator and external alarm. For an explanation of the
Status Screen, please refer to Section 5.4.
]L Display Location ID
Displays the Location I.D. label. Type ]L [Enter].
]O View/Change System Options
Allows the user to review and/or change options such as the
Location I.D., Password, and etc.. Type ]O and press [Enter].
For more information, please refer to Section 4.2.
]P View/Change Circuit Parameters
Allows the user to review and/or change parameters such as the
Common Name, Default Position and etc.. For more
information, please refer to Sections 4.3 and 5.3. Invoke the ]P
command as follows:
]P N [Enter]
Where "N" is the number or name of the desired circuit module.
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