5.2. Code Activated A/B Switching
The AFS-16 will also switch A/B paths in response to simple
ASCII commands sent to the Control Module. To switch A/B
paths, invoke the ]T command using the following format:
]T N,P [Enter]
NIs the number or name of the desired Circuit Module.
Enter an Asterisk (*) to apply the command to all
installed Circuit Modules. To apply the ]T command to
more than one Circuit Module, enter numbers for
additional modules separated by commas.
PIs the desired switch position (Aor B). Note that this
command option is always entered as an uppercase letter.
·To switch Circuit Module number 3 to the "B" position, type
]T 3,B [Enter].
·To switch a Circuit Module named "SERVER" to the "A"
position, type ]T SERVER,A [Enter].
·To switch all Circuit Modules to the "B" position, type
]T *,B [Enter].
·To switch Circuit Modules 1, 2, 4, and 8 to the "B" position,
type ]T 1,2,4,8,B [Enter].
5.3. Automated A/B Switching
(The Monitor Mode)
The Monitor Mode allows the AFS-16 to automatically switch
A/B paths in response to changes in signal conditions at the AUX
port. When signal changes are detected, the AFS-16 can also
send a Notify Message out the Control Module RS232 Port and
AUX Port, Pin 2. This allows rapid response to signal conditions
that may indicate equipment malfunction, attempted access to
restricted areas, power loss, or other critical conditions.
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