4.3. View / Change Circuit Parameters
The ]P command allows the user to define parameters for each
Circuit Module. Note that the ]P command can also define
parameters for empty slots in the AFS-16 frame unit. Later, if a
Circuit Module is installed in the empty slot, the predefined
parameters will be assigned to the new module.
To define Circuit parameters, invoke the ]P command as
]P n [Enter]
Where nis the number or name of the desired Circuit Module.
·To define parameters for Circuit Module number 5, type
]P 5 [Enter].
·To define parameters for a Circuit Module that has been
named "SERVER", type ]P SERVER [Enter].
The AFS-16 will display the screen shown in Figure 4.2. To
change a parameter, key in the number for the desired parameter,
press [Enter], and follow the instructions in the submenu. The
]P command allows the user to define the following parameters:
1. Common Name: Assigns a name to the Common Jack
"C". Up to eight characters long, do not use ], quotes or
nulls. The Common name can be used in a command line.
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