1. Location ID: Can be appended to the Notify Message and
may also be sent at any time to verify the identity of the
unit. Up to 32 characters. Any character may be used
except ], quotes and null.
2. Password Mode: Enables/Disables the password feature.
When enabled, the "Enter Password" prompt will appear
when the unit is contacted via modem.
3. Password: Allows the user to define the modem password
(Default = FALLBACK).
4. Notify Message: Defines a message which can be sent
when the Monitor Mode detects a change in signal
conditions at the AUX port. Up to 32 characters. For more
information on the Monitor Mode, please refer to
Section 5.3.
When an external modem is installed at the Control
Module RS232 Port, the Notify Message can also be
defined as an AT dial command. This allows the
AFS-16 to dial your modem or pager when the
Monitor Mode detects signal changes at the AUX
connector. The Notify Message will be sent out both
the Control Module RS232 Port and AUX Port.
5. Send CKT#/Name: When enabled, the AFS-16 will
append the number and name of the Monitor Mode Circuit
Module to the Notify Message.
6. Send Location ID: When enabled, the AFS-16 will
append the Location I.D. to the Notify Message.
7. Duplex (Echo): Selects the Echo (full Duplex) feature.
When enabled, commands sent to the AFS-16 will be
echoed back to the sender.
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