4. SetUp and Configuration
4.1. Communicating with the Control
The AFS-16 can be controlled by simple ASCII commands sent
to the Control Module RS232 port. To communicate with the
unit, first start your communications program (e.g. ProComm).
If your PC is connected directly to the RS232 port, the AFS-16
will then be ready to accept commands. Note however, that the
"AFS>" prompt will not appear until after a command has been
If you have installed an external modem at the Control Module
RS232 port, dial the number for the attached phone line. If the
Password feature is enabled, key in your password (Default =
FALLBACK). Note that the password feature is case sensitive.
After the correct password is entered, the "AFS>" prompt will
4.2. Select System Options
The System Options Menu (Figure 4.1) allows the user to define
a Location I.D., Password, Notify Message and other features.
To display the System Options Menu, type ]O and press [Enter].
To change an option, key in the desired option number, press
[Enter], and follow the instructions in the submenu. The
following options may be selected via the ]O command:
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