3. Manual A/B Switching: Use the manual switches to
change A/B paths. Note that this example assumes the
Master A/B Gang Switch has not been disabled.
a) Toggle the Master A/B Gang Switch between the "A"
and "B" positions. The LED indicators should follow
the Master Switch, indicating that each circuit has
toggled "A" and "B" paths.
b) Choose an individual Circuit Module and toggle the
module's A/B Switch between "A" and "B". The LED
indicators should indicate that the module has toggled
the A/B path.
4. Code Activated Switching:
a) Type ]T *,B and press [Enter]. All Circuit Modules
should switch to the "B" path.
b) Type ]T 1,A and press [Enter]. Circuit Module
number 1 should switch to the "A" path.
c) Type ]T 2,3,4,A and press [Enter]. Circuit
Modules 2, 3, and 4 should switch to the "A" path.
5. Display Status Screen: Type ]S and press [Enter]. The
Status Screen should appear.
If the unit fails to respond, try the following:
·Check the connection between your PC and the AFS-16,
please refer to the interface description in Appendix A.
·Re-initialize the AFS-16 as described in Section 3.1.
If the unit will still not respond, please contact WTI Technical
Support as described in Appendix C.
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