3.4. Circuit Module SetUp
The A/B Switch Jumper (Figure 3.2) enables/disables the
individual Circuit Module's response to the Master A/B Gang
Switch. When disabled, the A/B Switch will not be effected by
the Master A/B Switch. To disable response to the Master A/B
Gang Switch, place the jumper in the right hand position.
When an individual Circuit Module's Master A/B
Switch response is disabled, other modules can
continue to respond to the Master A/B Switch.
Do not remove the Monitor Jumper. The Monitor
Jumper must be installed in order for the Monitor
Mode to function properly.
3.5. Quick Start / System Overview
This Quick Start procedure provides a basic overview of AFS-16
capabilities and provides a "bench test" to check for proper
command response.
1. Use the 9 pin or 25 pin adapter (supplied with unit) to
attach a cable from your PC COM port to the Control
Module RS232 Port. Please refer to Appendix A for a list
of WTI's Modular COM port adapters.
2. Start your communications program (e.g. ProComm). Type
]H and press [Enter]. The Help Screen will appear
(Figure 3.3).
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