3.3.1. RS232 Port Baud Rate Jumper
The RS232 Port can be set for 1200, 2400, 9600 or 19.2K bps
using Jumper J1 (Figure 3.1).
·1200 bps: Place jumper at position 1.
·2400 bps: Place jumper at position 2.
·9600 bps: Place jumper at position 3.
·19.2K bps: Place jumpers across positions 1 and 2.
3.3.2. Master A/B Gang Switch Jumper
Jumper J2 (Figure 3.1, Item 4) enables/disables the Master A/B
Gang Switch. When disabled, the switch will not affect the A/B
position of the Circuit Modules. To disable the Master A/B
Switch, remove the jumper at position J2.
3.3.3. Monitor Input Level Jumper
Jumper J3 (Figure 3.1, Item 5) determines whether AUX Port Pin
4 will be forced high or low. When the Monitor Mode is used,
Jumper J3 establishes the "normal" signal condition.
·Position 1: Pulls input to normally high (1). Used when
monitoring a switch or relay.
·Position 0: Pulls input to normally low (0). Used when
monitoring an RS232 signal, such as DTR or DCD.
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