3. Installation
3.1. Initialization
Prior to first time installation, the AFS-16 should be initialized
using the following procedure:
The initialization procedure will clear all memory, set
parameters to default values, and sequentially toggle
each switch card.
1. Connect the AFS-16 power cable to an appropriate power
2. Hold the Control Card Toggle Switch in the "A" position
(UP) while turning AC power ON.
3. Release the Toggle switch after approximately 3 seconds.
The unit will continuously switch each card from "A" to
"B" until the routine is terminated.
4. To terminate the routine, momentarily press the Control
Card Toggle Switch to the "A" position.
3.2. Cable Connection
Connect appropriate cables as required by your application. For
a description of port interfaces, and a listing of WTI modular
adapters, please refer to Appendix A.
3.3. Control Module SetUp
The jumpers on the Control Module board are used to set the
RS232 Port baud rate, enable/disable the Master A/B Gang
Switch, and select the Monitor Input Level.
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