2.3. The Circuit Module
The AFS-16 can accept up to sixteen Circuit Modules. Each
Circuit Module includes a common jack, jacks for "A" and "B"
paths, and a Manual A/B switch.
ÀA/B Switch: Each A/B Switch can be manually switched,
or activated by commands sent to the Control Module. The
A/B Switch can also be operated by the Control Module's
Master A/B Switch.
Á"A" Connector
Â"C" Connector: For connection to a common line.
Ã"B" Connector
ÄA/B Switch Jumper: (Not Shown) Jumper J1, located on
the Circuit Module board, is used to enable/disable the
individual Circuit Module's response to the Master A/B
Gang Switch (Section 3.4).
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