2. Unit Description
2.1. Front Panel
As shown in Figure 1, the TPS front panel includes a series of LED indicators which function as follows:
ÀON: Lights when AC Power is applied to the TPS.
ÁRDY: Flashes when the TPS is ready to receive commands.
ÂRXD: Lights when the TPS receives commands.
ÃDCD: Lights when the Modem Port detects the Carrier.
ÄNET: Lights when a Telnet session is in progress.
ÅPlug Indicators and Manual Control Buttons: An On/Off Indicator and Manual Control Button
for each switched plug. To manually switch a plug "On" or "Off", press and hold the appropriate
Manual Control Button for one second; the corresponding plug will be toggled
On or Off.
Note: If desired, the Manual Control Buttons can also be disabled as described in
Section 4.4.
Figure 1: Front Panel
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