TPS-2 and TPS-2CE Units
This User's Guide discusses both the TPS-2 and TPS-2 CE Telnet Power Switches. Throughout this
User's Guide, both units are referred to as "TPS". The TPS-2 is designed for 115 VAC operation and can
handle loads up to 15 amps maximum, and the TPS-2 CE is designed for 230 VAC operation and can
handle loads up to 10 amps maximum. All other features function identically.
Typographic Conventions
Throughout this manual, typefaces and characters have been used to denote the following:
COURIER FONT Indicates characters typed on the keyboard.
For example, /ON 3 or /OFF 5.
[Bold Font] Text set in bold face and enclosed in
square brackets indicates a specific key.
For example, [Enter] or [Esc].
TPS Series Telnet Power Switches; User's Guide Introduction
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