C.2. Wall Mounting Instructions
1. Disconnect the TPS from the power supply. Remove the screws which secure the TPS top cover to
the chassis. Do not remove the cover from the chassis. There are two screws on each side of the
2. Align the Wall Mount Brackets with the TPS unit as shown in Figure C.2.
a) Note that the Wall Mount Brackets are interchangeable, and can be positioned to mount the
TPS with either the back panel or front panel facing up.
b) Before installing the Wall Mount Brackets, note the position of the "i" slots which are used to
secure the unit to the wall. The thin end of the "i" slot should point towards the top of the unit,
and the round end of the "i" slot should point towards the floor.
3. Use the longer screws (supplied with the Wall Mount kit) to secure the Wall Mount Brackets and
top cover to the TPS chassis. Make certain that the vents on the sides of the TPS top cover are not
obstructed by the Wall Mount Brackets.
TPS Series Telnet Power Switches; User's Guide Appendices
Figure C.2: Wall Mounting Instructions
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