To enable/disable the Automated Mode, access the TPS General Parameters menu, and proceed as
described in Section 4.4. When the Automated Mode is enabled, TPS functions will change as follows:
1. All Password Security Suppressed: When a user attempts to access the TPS command mode, the
password prompt will not be displayed at either the Telnet Port, Modem Port, or Console Port.
Unless restricted by the IP Security Function, all users will be allowed to access System Level
command functions and control both plugs. At the Console Port, all commands are immediately
accepted, whether the port is awake or asleep.
2. Status Screen Suppressed: The status screen will not be automatically displayed after commands
are successfully executed. Note however, that the /S command can still be invoked to display the
status screen as required.
3. "Sure?" Prompt Suppressed: All commands are executed without prompting for user
4. Error Messages Suppressed: If the [Enter] key is pressed without entering a command, the TPS
will not respond with the "Invalid Command" message. Note however, that an error message will
still be generated if commands are invoked using invalid formats or arguments.
All other status display and configuration commands will still function as normal.
5.6. Other Commands
5.6.1. Login as Different User
The /R command is used to re-login using a different password. When invoked, the TPS will display the
password prompt, allowing the user to enter a different password in order to access the other plug or
System Level command functions. The /R command is often used to switch from User Mode to
System Mode.
The /R command is available in both System Mode and User Mode. To login as a different user, type /R,
press [Enter], and then key in a different valid password at the prompt. To suppress the "Sure?" prompt,
type /R,Y [Enter].
5.6.2. Reset Network Port
The /T command is used to reinitialize the TPS Network card. The /T command is not available in User
Mode. To reset the Network Port, type /T and press [Enter]. To suppress the "Sure?" prompt, type
/T,Y [Enter].
Note: The /T command can only be issued via the Console Port or Modem Port. The /T
command cannot be invoked via the Network Port.
5.6.3. Exit / Disconnect
To exit from the TPS Command Mode and discontinue connection to the unit, type /X and press [Enter].
The TPS will display the "DISCONNECT" message. To suppress the "Sure?" prompt, type /X,Y
TPS Series Telnet Power Switches; User's Guide Operation
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