Warnings and Cautions:
No Serviceable Parts Inside; Authorized Service Personnel Only
Do not attempt to repair or service this device yourself. Internal components must be serviced by
authorized personnel only.
Shock Hazard - Do Not Enter
Nameplate Power Warning
This device should only be operated with the type of power source indicated on the instrument nameplate.
If you are not sure of the type of power service available, consult your local power company.
Connect unit only to a properly measured supply. Use only three wire cord which is provided
with the unit.
Reliable earthing (grounding) of this equipment must be maintained. Particular attention
should be given to supply connections when connecting to power strips, rather than direct
connections to the branch circuit.
Rack Mount Installation
When installing this device in an instrument rack, the following factors must be accounted for:
1. Enclosed Racks: Enclosed racks must provide adequate ventilation. Make certain that the rack is
not overly crowded and note that each unit in the rack generates its own heat. An enclosed rack
should have louvered sides and a fan to circulate cooling air.
When mounting the unit in an enclosed rack with a ventilation fan at the top of the rack, note that
excessive heat generated by devices at the bottom of the rack can be drawn upward and into the
ventilation slots of units located at the top. Make certain to provide adequate ventilation for
equipment installed at the bottom of
the rack.
The ambient within the rack may be greater than room ambient. Installation should be such that the
amount of air flow required for safe operation is not compromised. The maximum temperature for
the equipment in this environment is 45°C. Consideration should be given to the maximum rated
Installation should be such that a hazardous stability condition is not achieved due to uneven
2. Open Racks: Make certain that the rack frame does not block the ventilation slots on the
instrument cover. If the device is installed on sliders, check the unit when seated all the way into
the rack to make certain that ventilation slots are not blocked.
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