4.5. Plug Parameters
The Plug Parameters menus are used to assign names and select parameters for each of the two switched
outlets. There is a separate Plug Parameters menu for each outlet. Note that the Plug Parameters menus
are not available in User Mode.
In addition to selecting parameters for each outlet, the Plug Parameters menus also allow you to assign an
individual User Password to each plug. If the same User Password is assigned to both plugs, then that
password will allow the user to direct Boot/On/Off commands to both switched plugs. If a separate
password is assigned to each plug, then each password will only allow access to it's corresponding plug.
To access the Plug Parameters menus from the TPS> prompt, type /P n and press [Enter] where nis the
number or name of one of the two switched outlets. The Plug Parameters menu (Figure 6) offers the
following options:
1. Plug Name: (Up to 16 Characters) Assigns a name to the plug. Typically, this name describes the
piece of equipment that is connected to the switched outlet. When plug names are assigned,
Boot/On/Off commands can be invoked using the name or number of the desired plug.
(Default = undefined).
2. Password: (Up to 16 Characters) Assigns a User Password to this plug. When a User Password is
assigned, the plug is then "owned" by that password. When a User Password is entered at login, the
user will have access to only the plug(s) which are owned by this password. (Default = undefined).
If the System Password is defined, and the plug's User Password is not defined, then the
System Password will "own" this plug, and only the System Mode will be able to control
the plug.
If you wish to allow a single user to access both switched plugs, assign the same User
Password to both plugs.
If you wish to "split" plug access between two different users (each user controls their own
plug), then assign a different User Password to each plug.
3. Boot Delay: During a Boot cycle, power to the plug is first switched off and then switched back
on. The Boot Delay is the length of time which elapses between the time when power is switched
off and the time that power is restored. The Boot Delay can be 1, 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 seconds.
(Default determined by Option Switch 2; Factory Setting = 5 Seconds).
4. Power-Up Default: Determines how this plug will react when the /D (default) command is
invoked, or after a power interruption. Each plug can be automatically switched On or Off as
specified by the Power-Up Default. (Default = On).
After Plug Parameters have been defined, press [Esc] to exit from the Plug Parameters menu.
TPS Series Telnet Power Switches; User's Guide Start-Up / Configuration
1. Plug Name: (undefined)
2. Password: (undefined)
3. Boot Delay: 5 Sec
4. Power Up Default: On
Enter Selection or <ESC> to Exit ...
Figure 6: Plug Parameters Menu (Plug 1 Shown)
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