3.4. Connecting the Network Cable
The Network Port is an RJ45 Ethernet jack, for connection to a TCP/IP network. Connect your 10Base-T
cable to the Network Port. Before attempting to access the unit via network, please assign the IP Address,
Gateway Address and Subnet Mask as described in Section 4.6.
Note: The TPS features a 10BaseT Interface. When connecting the TPS to a 100BaseT
interface, note that most router switches will autosense to determine if the device is 100BaseT
or 10BaseT, and then configure the network interface accordingly. If your router switch does
not autosense, then the network interface port must be manually set to 10BaseT.
3.5. Power Supply Connection
Connect the TPS to an appropriate power supply.
This device should only be operated with the type of power source indicated on the
instrument nameplate. If you are not sure of the type of power service available,
please contact your local power company.
Reliable earthing (grounding) of this unit must be maintained. Particular attention
should be given to supply connections when connecting to power strips, rather than
directly to the branch circuit.
Check nameplate ratings to ensure that there is no overloading of supply circuits that
could have an effect on overcurrent protection and
supply wiring.
3.6. Connection to Switched Outlets
The Main Power Switch must be "On" in order for the TPS to operate. When the unit is powered On, the
two AC outlets will be switched On or Off, as specified by the user defined Power-Up Default (see
Section 4.5). On TPS-2 Models (115 VAC), each outlet can switch up to 15 Amps AC (total for both
outlets must not exceed 15 Amps). On TPS-2CE Models (230 VAC), each outlet can switch up to 10
Amps AC (total for both outlets must not exceed 10 Amps).
3.7. Reset Unit to Defaults
If Option Switch settings are changed, the new settings will not be applied until the unit is reset to default
settings. There are two ways to reset the unit to defaults:
Note: When these reset procedures are performed, all user selected parameters, including
passwords and port names will be lost. Prior to performing these reset procedures, it is
strongly recommended to save configuration parameters to an ASCII text file as described in
Section 6.
TPS Series Telnet Power Switches; User's Guide Installation
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