3. Installation
3.1. Option Switches
The Option Switches select default settings for the Baud Rate, Command Echo, Boot Delay and
Disconnect Timeout. Default settings selected via the Option Switches will be used when the unit is reset
to default parameters as described in Section 3.7.
Note: Although the Option Switches select default settings for these features, the TPS
configuration menus can also be used to select operating parameters as described in
Section 4.
Option Switch settings are described below:
·Baud Rate: The default baud rate for the Console Port and Modem Port. This rate will be selected
after a power interruption, and when the unit is reset to default parameters.
·Boot Delay: The default Boot Delay setting. When a boot cycle is initiated, the Boot Delay
determines the length of time that the switched outlet will remain off until power is restored.
·Command Echo: The default setting for the Command Echo for the Console Port, Modem Port and
Network Port. When enabled, commands entered at your keyboard will be sent to the TPS and
echoed back to your display monitor.
·Disconnect Timeout: The default Disconnect Timeout value. This determines how long the TPS
will wait for additional commands before automatically disconnecting. Note that when the TPS times
out, DTR will drop, and the modem disconnect and initialize strings will be sent.
Switch Function Up Down
1 Default Baud Rate 38.4K bps 9600 bps*
2 Default Boot Delay 10 Sec. 5 Sec.*
3 Default Command Echo Enable Disable*
4 Default Disconnect Timeout 30 Min 2 Min*
* = Factory Setting
3.2. Console Port Connection
The Console Port is a male, DB9 connector, wired in a DTE configuration (similar to an AT computer),
which is used for connection to a local PC or control device. Appendix A describes the Console Port
3.3. Connecting an External Modem
When connecting directly to an external modem, use a standard AT to Modem cable. Make certain the
modem is initialized at the same baud rate as the TPS (Option Switch 1). The modem must be set to
Auto-Answer, in one ring. Please refer to the modem user’s guide for more information. Section 4.4
describes the procedure for defining the modem command strings. Appendix A describes the modem port
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