2. Unit Description
2.1. Front Panel Components
As shown in Figure 2.1, the RPC-4850-8N front panel includes the following:
Circuit Status Indicators: A series of eight LED indicators, which light
when power to the corresponding circuit is Switched On.
RDY Indicator: Flashes when the RPC is ready to receive commands.
ON Indicator: Lights when power is applied to the Control Section.
2.2. Back Panel Components
As shown in Figure 2.2, the RPC-4850-8N back panel includes the following
Ground Screw
Default Button: This button can be used to either reset the unit to default
parameters or manually toggle all circuits On or Off:
Default Parameters: To set all parameters to default values, first
pull out both the Input Bus A and Bus B circuit breakers to the open
position. Next, press and hold the Default Button, then press either
Input Bus Circuit breaker in (Closed.) Continue to hold the Default
Button. After about three seconds, the ACT Indicator on the Network
Port will flash. Release the Default button. Make certain to return the
other Input Bus Circuit Breaker to the closed position.
Manual Circuit Toggle: Press the Default Button and hold it down for
three seconds. All RPC circuits will be toggled On or Off.
Note: If desired, the Default Button's manual circuit control
capabilities can also be disabled as described in Section 5.3.1.
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Figure 2.1: RPC-4850-8 Front Panel
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