RPC-4850-8N Remote Power Controller - User’s Guide
7.2. Restoring Saved Parameters
This Section describes the procedure for using your communications program
to send saved parameters to the RPC.
Note: Parameters saved to an ASCII file can only be restored via
the Text Interface. This procedure cannot be performed via the Web
Browser Interface.
1. Start your communications program and access the RPC command mode
via the Text Interface as described in Section 5.2.2.
2. If the Password Prompt is displayed, key in your System Password and
press [Enter].
3. Configure your communications program to upload an ASCII text file.
4. Upload the file with the saved parameters. If necessary, key in the file
name and directory path.
5. When the upload is complete, make certain to terminate the
communications program’s upload mode.
The current On/Off status of each RPC circuit will not be saved or
When the configuration file is sent to the RPC via telnet, the unit’s
IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway Address will not be changed
until after you exit from command mode.
At this point, saved parameters should have been restored to the RPC unit.
Check the Circuit Status Screen, General Parameters Menu, Circuit Parameters
Menu and Network Parameters Menu to make certain that saved parameters
have been accurately restored.
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