RPC-4850-8N Remote Power Controller - User’s Guide
6.2.3. Applying Commands to Several Circuits -
Text Interface
As described below, switching commands can be applied to only one switched
DC circuit, or to an assortment of circuits.
Note: When switching operations are initiated, Boot/Sequence Delay
times will be applied as described in Section
1. Several Circuits: To apply a switching command to several circuits,
enter the numbers or names for the circuits, separated by a "plus sign" (+).
For example to switch circuits 1, 3, and 4 Off, enter the following:
/OFF 1+3+4 [Enter]
2. Range of Circuits: To apply a command to a range of RPC circuits,
enter the number for the circuits that mark the beginning and end of the
range, separated by a colon. For example, to switch circuits 1 through 3
On, enter the following:
/ON 1:3 [Enter]
4. All Circuits: To apply a command to all circuits, enter an asterisk in
place of the name or number. For example, to Boot all circuits, enter the
/BO * [Enter]
6.3. Logging Out of Command Mode
When you have finished communicating with the RPC, it is important to
always disconnect using either the "Log Out" button (Web Browser Interface)
or /X command (Text Interface), rather than simply closing your browser
window or communications program.
When you disconnect using the Log Out button or /X command, this
ensures that the RPC has completely exited from command mode, and is not
waiting for the inactivity timeout period to elapse before allowing additional
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