Confi guration
5.3.4. Network Parameters Menus
The Network Parameters Menus are used to select the IP Address, Subnet
Mask, Gateway Address and other network parameters.
Web Browser Interface: Click the "Setup" button to access the Setup
Menus, and then click the "Network Parameters" button. The Network
Parameters Menu will be displayed as shown in Figure 5.9.
Text Interface: Type /N and press [Enter]. The Network Parameters
Menu will be displayed as shown in Figure 5.10.
Although the Web Browser Interface and Text Interface both allow
configuration of the same network parameters, note that for the
Text Interface, the IP Security feature is configured via a separate
submenu. For more information on IP Security, please refer to
Settings for network parameters depend on the configuration of
your individual network. Contact your network administrator for
appropriate settings.
The Network Parameters Menus allow the following parameters to be defined.
Except where noted, all parameters listed here are available via both the Web
Browser Interface and Text Interface.
IP Address: Defines the IP address for the RPC unit.
(Default =
Subnet Mask: Defines the Subnet Mask for the RPC unit.
(Default =
Gateway Address: Defines the Gateway Address for the RPC unit.
(Default = undefined.)
Send MSS: Defines the Maximum Segment Size that will be sent by the
RPC. (Default = 536.)
IP Security: Sets up the IP Security feature. Please refer to
Section for a detailed description of the IP Security feature.
MAC Address: Displays the unit’s MAC Address. Please note that this
item only displays the assigned MAC Address, and cannot be used to
redefine the address. Note also that the MAC Address is not displayed via
the Web Browser Interface.
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