RPC-4850-8N Remote Power Controller - User’s Guide
Inactivity Timeout: Determines how long the RPC will wait for
additional commands during periods of inactivity. When the Timeout
Period elapses, the user will be disconnected from command mode.
(Default = 2 Minutes.)
Command Confirmation: When enabled, the RPC will display
a confirmation prompt before executing certain commands. When
disabled, the prompt will be suppressed and commands will be executed
immediately. (Default = On/Enabled.)
Automated Mode: When enabled, the RPC will execute On, Off, Boot,
and exit commands without displaying a confirmation prompt, status
screen or confirmation messages. For more information, please refer to
Section 6.4. (Default = Off.)
Note: When this option is enabled, security functions are suppressed,
and users are able to access configuration menus and control circuits
without entering a password. If security is a concern and the
Automated Mode is required, it is recommended to use the IP Security
feature (Section to restrict access.
Manual Switch Button: Enables and configures the Default Button’s
manual circuit control function, but does not effect the Default Button’s
ability to reset parameters to default values. (Default = "On".)
Off: Disables the manual circuit control function.
On: Enables manual circuit control. When Default is pressed and held
for three seconds, all circuits will be toggled On or Off.
Command Prompt: Allows the Text Interface command prompt to be
set to either "RPC, "IPS", "NPS", or "NBB." (Default = RPC.)
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