Confi guration
User Name: (Optional) The User Name allows you to set up an
additional layer of security for web access to command mode by requiring
that users correctly enter a name in addition to a password. Note that
the User Name is only required when the unit is accessed via the Web
Browser Interface. (Four to 16 Characters, Default = undefined.)
If a User Name is defined, then users who login with a Circuit
Password (User Mode) will also need to enter this same User Name
at the login prompt when attempting to access command mode via
the Web Browser Interface.
The User Name cannot begin with a forward slash (/) or backslash
(\) character.
The User Name cannot include non printable characters, space
characters, asterisks (*) or quotation marks.
Site ID: Defines a brief text message, which can describe the location of
the RPC unit. (Up to 32 characters, Default = undefined.)
The Site ID Message cannot begin with a forward slash (/) or
backslash (\) character.
The Site ID Message cannot include non printable characters or
quotation marks.
Command Echo: When enabled, ASCII commands sent via the Text
Interface will be echoed back, allowing keystrokes to be displayed. This
feature applies only to the Text Interface, and has no visible effect on the
Web Browser Interface. (Default = On.)
1. System Password: (undefined)
2. User Name: (undefined)
3. Site ID: (undefined)
4. Command Echo: On
5. Inactivity Timeout: 2 Mins
6. Command Confirmation: On
7. Automated Mode: Off
8. Manual Switch Button: On
9. Command Prompt: RPC
A. Default Parameters
Enter Selection,
Press <ESC> to Exit ...
Figure 5.4: General Parameters Menu - Text Interface
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