Quick Start
3.1.2. Connect your PC to the RPC-4850-8N
The RPC can either be controlled by a local PC, that communicates with
the unit via cable, controlled via external modem, or controlled via TCP/IP
network. In order to switch circuits On/Off or select parameters, commands
are issued to the RPC via either the Network Port or Console Port. Note that it
is not necessary to connect to both the Network and Console Ports, and that the
Console Port can be connected to either a local PC or External Modem.
Network Port: Connect your 10Base-T or 100Base-T network interface
to the RPC Network port.
Console Port: Use the supplied null modem cable to connect your PC
COM port to the RPC Console (RS232) Port.
External Modem: Use a standard AT to Modem cable to connect your
external modem to the RPC Console (RS232) Port.
Note that when the RPC is shipped from the factory, RS232 Port Parameters
are set as follows: 9600 bps, 8 Data Bits, One Stop Bit, No Parity. Although
the RPC allows these parameters to be easily redefined, for the purpose
of this Quick Start procedure, it is recommended that you configure your
communications program to accept these default parameters.
3.2. Communicating with the RPC-4850-8N
The RPC-4850-8N offers two separate user interfaces: the Web Browser
Interface and the Text Interface. The Web Browser interface allows you to
contact the unit via a TCP/IP network, using a standard, JavaScript enabled
web browser (such as Internet Explorer.) The Text Interface consists of a
series of ASCII text menus, which may be accessed via TCP/IP network, Local
PC or modem using a communications program such as Hyperterminal or
Tera Term.
Note: The RPC features a default IP Address ( and
a default Subnet Mask ( This allows initial network
access to command mode without first setting up the unit’s network
parameters (providing that you are contacting the RPC from a node on
the same subnet.) Before attempting to access the RPC from a node
that is not on the same subnet, please refer to Section 5.3.4 for further
configuration instructions.
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