Short Form Instructions
1. Prior to connecting the AC or DC power, adjust the LEVEL slider control to the fully attenuated position (all
the way down).
2. All other sliders should be set to the “0” or center position.
3. The BYPASS switch should be in the OFF position.
4. Connect an appropriate line level input signal to either the balanced XLR or the balanced Euroblock
connector marked INPUTS.
5. Connect the OUTPUTS using either the balanced XLR or the balanced Euroblock connector to an
appropriate device.
6. With the power switch in the OFF position, plug in the supplied Universal AC power cord to the product
and an appropriate AC source.
7. Depress the power switch to the ON position. The power indicator will illuminate.
8. The product is ready for operation. Slowly increase the LEVEL slider to the desired operating level without
exceeding “0”, then make other adjustments as necessary.
9. Operate the product and the system in a manner which DOES NOT illuminate the PEAK warning indicator.
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