Alarm Configuration
Notify Upon Clear: When this item is enabled, the RSM-8R4 will send additional
notification when the situation that caused the alarm has been corrected. For
example, when Notify Upon Clear is enabled, the RSM-8R4 will send initial
notification when it detects that a Ping command has failed, and then send a
second notification when it determines that the IP address is again responding to
the Ping command. (Default = On.)
Email Message: Enables/Disables email notification for this alarm. (Default = On.)
Note: The Email Message parameter offers four different options: On, Off, On
(Copy to All Triggers) or Off (Copy to All Triggers). If either of the "Copy to All
Triggers" options is selected, then email notification for all other alarms will be
switched On or Off as indicated by this parameter. For example, If "Off (Copy
to All Triggers)" is selected, then Email notification will be disabled for all other
alarms too.
Address 1, 2, and 3: These parameters are used to select which of the three email
addresses defined via the "Email Messages" menu (see Section 5.9.11) will receive
the email alarm notification messages generated by this alarm. The Address
parameters can be used to select one, or any combination of the addresses defined
via the Email Messages menu. (Default = All On.)
Note: If Email addresses have been previously specified, then the text under
the parameters will list the current, user defined email addresses.
Subject: This parameter is used to define the text that will appear in the "Subject"
field for all email notification messages that are generated by this alarm.
(Default = "Alarm: Ping-No-Answer.")
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