Alarm Configuration
Note that both the Initial Threshold menus and Critical Threshold menus offer essentially
the same set of parameters, but the parameters defined for each alarm are separate
and unique. Therefore, parameters defined for the Critical Threshold Alarm will not be
applied to the Initial Threshold Alarm and vice versa.
Both the Over Temperature (Initial Threshold) alarm and the Over Temperature (Critical
Threshold) alarm offer the following parameters:
Trigger Enable: Enables/Disables the trigger for this alarm. When Disabled, this
alarm will be suppressed. (Default = On.)
Note: To cancel an alarm without correcting the condition that caused the
alarm, simply toggle the Trigger Enable parameter Off and then back On again.
Alarm Set Threshold: The trigger level for this alarm. When temperature exceeds
the Alarm Set Threshold, the RSM-8R4 can send an alarm (if enabled) and/or begin
Load Shedding (if enabled.) For more information on Load Shedding for the Over
Temperature Alarm, please refer to Section 7.1.1. (Initial Threshold: Default = 90°F
or 32°C, Critical Threshold: Default = 100°F or 38°C.)
Alarm Clear Threshold: Determines how low the temperature must drop in order
for the Alarm condition to be cancelled and for Auto Recovery (if enabled) to
occur. For more information on Load Shedding and Auto Recovery for the Over
Temperature Alarm, please refer to Section 7.1.1. (Initial Threshold: Default = 80°F
or 27°C, Critical Threshold: Default = 90°F or 38°C.)
Note: The System Parameters menu is used to set the temperature format for
the RSM-8R4 unit to either Fahrenheit or Celsius as described in Section 5.3.
Resend Delay: Determines how long the RSM-8R4 will wait to resend an email
message generated by this alarm, when the initial attempt to send notification was
unsuccessful. (Default = 60 Minutes.)
Notify Upon Clear: When this item is enabled, the RSM-8R4 will send additional
notification when the situation that caused the alarm has been corrected. For
example, when Notify Upon Clear is enabled, the RSM-8R4 will send initial
notification when it detects that the temperature has exceeded the trigger value,
and then send a second notification when it determines that the temperature has
fallen below the trigger value. (Default = On.)
Email Message: Enables/Disables email notification for this alarm. (Default = On.)
Note: The Email Message parameter offers four different options: On, Off, On
(Copy to All Triggers) or Off (Copy to All Triggers). If either of the "Copy to All
Triggers" options is selected, then email notification for all other alarms will be
switched On or Off as indicated by this parameter. For example, If "Off (Copy
to All Triggers)" is selected, then Email notification will be disabled for all other
alarms too.
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