Basic Configuration
5.9.11. Email Message Parameters
The Email Parameters menu is used to define parameters for email messages that the
RSM-8R4 can send to notify you when an alarm is triggered. To define email message
parameters, access the RSM-8R4 Command Mode using a password that permits
access to Administrator Level commands and then proceed as follows:
Text Interface: Type /N and press [Enter] to access the Network Configuration
Menu. From the Network Configuration Menu, type 32 and press [Enter] to display
the Email Configuration Menu.
Web Browser Interface: Click on the "Email Messages" link on the left hand side
of the screen to display the Email Configuration Menu.
The Email Configuration menu offers the following options:
Enable: Enables/Disables the Email Messaging feature. When disabled, the
RSM-8R4 will not be able to send email messages when an alarm is generated.
(Default = On.)
SMTP Server: This prompt is used to define the address of your SMTP Email
server. (Default =
Port Number: Selects the TCP/IP port number that will be used for email
connections. (Default = 25.)
Domain: The domain name for your email server. (Default = undefined.)
Note: In order to use domain names, you must first define Domain Name
Server parameters as described in Section 5.9.5.
User Name: The User Name that will be entered when logging into your email
server. (Default = undefined.)
Password: The password that will be used when logging into your email server.
(Default = undefined.)
Auth Type: The Authentication type; the RSM-8R4 allows you to select None, Plain,
Login, or CRAM-MD5 Authentication. (Default = Plain.)
From Name: The name that will appear in the "From" field in email sent by the
RSM-8R4. (Default = undefined.)
From Address: The email address that will appear in the "From" field in email sent
by the RSM-8R4. (Default = undefined.)
To Address: The address(es) that will receive email messages generated by the
RSM-8R4. Note that up to three "To" addresses may be defined, and that when
Alarm Configuration parameters are selected as described in Section 7, you may
then designate one, two or all three of these addresses as recipients for email
messages that are generated by the alarms. (Default = undefined.)
Send Test Email: Sends a test email, using the parameters that are currently
defined for the Email configuration menu.
Note: The "Send Test Email" function is only available via the Text Interface.
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