Basic Configuration
5.9.6. SNMP Access Parameters
These menus are used to select access parameters for the SNMP feature. To define or
change SNMP MIB parameters, proceed as follows:
Text Interface: Type /N and press [Enter] to display the Network Parameters
Menu. At the Network Parameters Menu, type 25 and press [Enter] to display the
SNMP Access (Parameters) Menu.
Web Browser Interface: Click on the "SNMP Parameters" link on the left hand side
of the RSM-8R4 Home screen to display the SNMP Parameters menu.
Note: After you have configured SNMP Access Parameters, you will then
be able to manage the RSM-8R4's User Directory, control power and reboot
switching and display unit status via SNMP, as described in Section 13.
Both the Text Interface and Web Browser Interface allow the following parameters to be
Enable: Enables/disables SNMP Polling. (Default = Off.)
Note: This item only applies to external SNMP polling of the RSM-8R4; it does
not effect the ability of the RSM-8R4 to send SNMP traps.
Version: This parameter determines which SNMP Version the RSM-8R4 will
respond to. For example, if this item is set to V3, then clients who attempt to
contact the RSM-8R4 using SNMPv2 will not be allowed to connect.
(Default = V1/V2 Only.)
Read Only: Enables/Disables the "Read Only Mode", which controls the ability to
access configuration functions and invoke switching commands. When Enabled,
you will not be able to change configuration parameters or invoke other commands
when you contact the RSM-8R4 via SNMP. (Default = No.)
Note: In order to define user names for the RSM-8R4 via your SNMP client, the
Read Only feature must be disabled. When the Read Only feature is enabled,
you will not be able to issue configuration commands to the unit via SNMP.
Authentication / Privacy: Configures the Authentication and Privacy features
for SNMPv3 communication. The Authentication / Privacy parameter offers two
options, which function as follows:
1. Auth/noPriv: An SNMPv3 username and password will be required at log in,
but encryption will not be used. (Default Setting.)
2. Auth/Priv: An SNMPv3 username and password will be required at log in, and
all messages will be sent using encryption.
The Authentication / Privacy item is not available when the Version parameter
is set to V1/V2.
If the Version Parameter is set to V1/V2/V3 (all) and Authentication / Privacy
parameter is set to "Auth/Priv", then only V3 data will be encrypted.
The RSM-8R4 supports DES encryption, but does not currently support the
AES protocol.
The RSM-8R4 does not support "noAuth/noPriv" for SNMPv3 communication.
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