Basic Configuration
HTTP Access (Web Access): Enables/disables the Web Browser Interface.
When disabled, users will not be allowed to contact the unit via the Web Browser
Interface. (Default = Off.)
HTTP Port: Selects the TCP/IP port number that will be used for SSH connections.
(Default = 80.)
HTTPS Access: Enables/disables HTTPS communication. For instructions on
setting up SSL encryption, please refer to Section 14. (Default = Off.)
HTTPS Port: Selects the TCP/IP port number that will be used for HTTPS
connections. (Default = 443.)
In the Text Interface, HTTP and HTTPS parameters reside in a separate
submenu. To enable and configure HTTP and HTTPS Access via the
Text Interface, access the Network Configuration Menu as described in
Section 5.9, then type 23, press [Enter] and use the resulting submenu
(Figure 14.1) to select parameters as described in Section 14.
When the Web Access parameter is accessed via the Text Interface, the
resulting submenu will also allow you to select SSL (encryption) parameters
as described in Section 14.
SYSLOG Address: The IP Address or domain name (up to 64 characters) for the
Syslog Daemon that will receive log records generated by the RSM-8R4. For more
information, please refer to Section 12. (Default = undefined.)
Ping Access: Enables/Disables response to the ping command. When Disabled,
the RSM-8R4 will not respond to Ping commands. Note that disabling Ping Access
at the Network Port will not effect the operation of the Ping-No-Access Alarm.
(Default = On.)
Outbound Access: Enables/Disables the ability to create outbound Telnet
connections via the RSM-8R4's Network Port. When enabled, users who are
connected to the RSM-8R4 command mode via one of the serial ports will be able
to connect to the Network Port, and then invoke the /TELNET command to create
an outbound connection. For example, to create an outbound Telnet connection,
first make certain that this option is enabled, then access command mode via
the Text Interface at a free serial port. At the RSM> prompt, invoke the /TELNET
command as described in Section 17. (Default = Off.)
Raw Socket Access: Enables/Disables Raw Socket Protocol access to the
Network Port via Direct Connect. (Default = Off.)
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