Basic Configuration
5.9. Network Configuration
The Network Parameters Menus are used to select parameters and options for the
Network Port and also allow you to implement various security and authentication
Although the Web Browser Interface and Text Interface allow definition of essentially the
same parameters, parameters are arranged differently in the two interfaces. In the Text
Interface, most network parameters are defined via one menu. But in the Web Browser
Interface, network parameters are divided into separate menus as described in this
To access the Network Parameters Menus, proceed as follows:
Text Interface: Type /N and press [Enter]. The Network Parameters Menu shown
in Figure 5.13 will be displayed.
Web Browser Interface: Click on the "Network Configuration" link on the left hand
side of the screen. The RSM-8R4 will display the Network Configuration menu
shown in Figure 5.14, which allows you to access the various submenus used to
configure the network port.
Settings for network parameters depend on the configuration of your network.
Please contact your network administrator for appropriate settings.
The Network Parameters Menu selects parameters for all 16 logical Network
When a new IP Address is selected, or the status of the DHCP feature is
changed, the unit will disconnect and reconfigure itself with the new values
when you exit the Network Parameters Menu. When configuring the unit via
Web or Telnet, make certain your DHCP server is set up to assign a known,
fixed IP address in order to simplify reconnection to the unit after the new
address has been assigned.
The Network Parameters menu is only available when you have logged into
command mode using an account and port that permit Administrator level
commands (Administrator Mode enabled.)
The Network Parameters menu allows you to define the parameters discussed in the
following sections. Note that although the descriptions of network parameters are
arranged according to the Web Browser Interface, in the Text Interface, most parameters
are included in a single menu.
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