Basic Configuration
5.8.2. The Serial Port Configuration Menu
To configure the RSM-8R4's Serial Ports or Internal Modem Port, proceed as follows:
Text Interface: Type /P n and then press [Enter] (where n is the name or
number of the desired port). To configure the RSM-8R4's Internal Modem Port, type
/p 9 and then press [Enter]. The Serial Port Parameters menu will be displayed
as shown in Figure 5.11.
Web Browser Interface: Click the "Serial Ports" link on the left hand side of
the screen to display the Serial Port Configuration Menu. From the Serial Port
Configuration menu, use the dropdown menu to select the desired port and then
click on the Select Port button to display the appropriate Serial Port Configuration
Menu, as shown in Figure 5.12.
The Serial Port Configuration menu allows the following parameters to be defined. Note
that all of these parameters are available via both the Text Interface and Web Browser
Interface, and that parameters selected via one interface are also applied to the other.
Communication Settings:
Baud Rate: Any standard rate from 300 bps to 115.2K bps. (Defaults; Serial Ports
1 to 8 = 9600 bps; Internal Modem Port = 57.6K bps)
Bits/Parity: (Default = 8-None).
Stop Bits: (Default = 1).
Handshake Mode: XON/XOFF, RTS/CTS (hardware), Both, or None.
(Default = RTS/CTS).
General Parameters:
Administrator Mode: Permits/denies port access to Administrator level accounts.
When enabled (Permit), the port will be allowed to invoke Administrator level
commands, providing they are issued by an account that permits them. If disabled
(Deny), then accounts that permit Administrator level commands will not be allowed
to access command mode via this port. (Default = Permit).
Note: Administrator Mode cannot be disabled at Serial Port 1 (the SetUp port.)
Logoff Character: The Logoff Character determines the command(s) or
character(s) that must be issued at this port in order to disconnect. Note that the
Logoff Character does not apply to Direct Connections. (Default = ^X.)
Sequence Disconnect: Enables/Disables and configures the Resident Disconnect
command. This offers the option to disable the Sequence Disconnect, select a one
character format or a three character format. (Default = One Character.)
Inactivity Timeout: Enables and selects the Timeout Period for this port. If
enabled, the Serial Port will disconnect when no additional data activity is detected
for the duration of the timeout period. (Default = 5 Minutes.)
Command Echo: Enables or Disables command echo at this Serial Port. When
disabled, commands that are sent to the Serial Port will still be invoked, but the
actual keystrokes will not be displayed on your monitor. (Default = On.)
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