Basic Configuration
5.7. Defining Plug Parameters
The Plug Parameters Menu is used to define Plug Names, boot/sequence delay times
and Power Up Default values for each of the RSM-8R4's Switched AC Outlets. Note
that this function is only available when you have accessed command mode using a
password that permits Administrator Level commands. To define Plug Parameters,
proceed as follows:
Text Interface: Type /PL and then press [Enter]. The Plug Parameters Menu will
be displayed as shown in Figure 5.7. To define Plug Parameters, key in the number
for the desired parameter, press [Enter] and then follow the instructions in the
resulting submenu.
Web Browser Interface: Click the "Plug Parameters" link on the left hand side of
the screen to display the Plug Group Directory menu (Figure 5.8.) When you are
finished selecting Plug Parameters, click the "Change Plugs" button to apply the
new parameters.
The Plug Parameters Menu allows you to define the following parameters:
Plug Name: (Up to 16 Characters.)
Note: Plug Names cannot begin with a number, dash (-), underscore
character (_), forward slash character (/) or backslash character (\), and
cannot include non printable characters, spaces, asterisks (*), colons (:), the
plus symbol (+) or quotation marks.
Boot/Seq. Delay: When more than one plug is switched On or a reboot cycle is
initiated, the Boot/Sequence delay determines how much time will elapse before
the next plug is switched On. When the Boot/Sequence Delay is applied, the
RSM-8R4 will wait for the user-defined delay period before switching On the next
plug. This allows time for the device connected to the first plug to adequately
"wake up" before switching on power to the device connected to the next plug.
When Reboot cycles and switching actions are initiated, the Boot/Sequence Delay
will be applied as follows: (Default = 0.5 Second.)
Reboot Cycle Delay: During a reboot cycle, the RSM-8R4 will first switch all
selected plugs "Off" (with a 0.5 second pause between each "Off" operation), and
then begin to switch selected plugs back On again, pausing for the user-defined
Boot/Sequence Delay before switching On the next plug. For example, if the
Boot/Sequence Delay for Plug 3 is ten seconds, then the RSM-8R4 will pause for
ten seconds before proceeding to the next plug.
"On" Sequence Delay: When two or more plugs are switched On, the RSM-8R4
will pause for the user-defined Boot/Sequence Delay before switching On the
next plug.
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