Basic Configuration
5.6. The Plug Group Directory
The Plug Group Directory allows you to designate "groups" of plugs that are dedicated
to a similar function, and will most likely be switched or rebooted all at the same time or
controlled by the same type of user account.
For example, an individual equipment rack might include an assortment of devices that
belong to different departments or clients. In order to simplify the process of granting
plug access rights to the accounts that will control power to these devices, you could
assign all of the plugs for the devices belonging to Department A to a Plug Group
named "Dept_A", and all of the plugs for the devices belonging to Department B to a
Plug Group named "Dept_B". When user accounts are defined, this would allow you to
quickly grant access rights for all of the plugs for the devices belonging to Department A
to the appropriate user accounts for Department A, by merely granting access to the
Dept_A Plug Group, rather than by selecting the specific, individual plugs for each
Department A user account.
Likewise, Plug Groups allow you to direct On/Off/Boot commands to a series of plugs,
without addressing each plug individually. Given the example above, you could quickly
reboot all plugs for Department A, by either including the "Dept_A" Plug Group name in
a /BOOT command line via the Text Interface, or by using the Plug Group Control menu
via the Web Browser Interface.
The Plug Group Directory function is only available when you have logged into
command mode using an account that permits Administrator commands. To access the
Plug Group Directory, proceed as follows:
Text Interface: Type /G and press [Enter] to display the Plug Group Directory
Web Interface: Click the "Plug Group Directory" link on the left hand side of the
screen to display the Plug Group Directory menu.
In both the Text Interface and the Web Browser Interface, the Plug Group Directory
menu offers the following functions:
View Plug Group Directory: Displays currently defined plug access rights for any
RSM-8R4 Plug Group as described in Section 5.6.1.
Add Plug Group to Directory: Creates new Plug Groups, and allows you to assign
plug access rights to each group as described in Section 5.6.2.
Modify Plug Group Directory: This option is used to edit or change plug access
rights for each Plug Group, as described in Section 5.6.3.
Delete Plug Group from Directory: Clears Plug Groups that are no longer
needed, as described in Section 5.6.4.
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