Basic Configuration
In the default state, the RSM-8R4 includes one predefined account that provides access
to Administrator commands and allows to control of all of the RSM-8R4's serial ports and
switched power outlets. The default username for this account is "super" (lowercase,
no quotation marks), and the password for the account is also "super".
In order to ensure security, it is recommended that when initially setting up
the unit, a new user account with Administrator access should be created,
and the "super" account should then be deleted.
If the RSM-8R4 is reset to default parameters, all user accounts will be
cleared, and the default "super" account will be restored.
5.4.2. Granting Serial Port Access
Each account can be granted access to a different selection of ports. Note also, that
several accounts can be allowed access to the same port. When accounts are created,
the Port Access parameter in the Add User or Modify User menu can be used to grant or
deny access to each serial port by that account.
In addition, each command access level is also used to restricts the serial ports that the
account will be allowed to access:
Administrator: Accounts with Administrator access are always allowed to control
all Serial Ports. Port access cannot be disabled for Administrator level accounts.
SuperUser: SuperUser accounts allow access to all Serial Ports. Port access
cannot be disabled for SuperUser level accounts.
User: Accounts with User level access are only allowed to create connections
with the Serial Ports that have been specifically permitted via the "Port Access"
parameter in the Add User and Modify User menus.
ViewOnly: Accounts with ViewOnly access are not allowed to create connections
with Serial Ports. ViewOnly accounts can display the status of Serial Ports, but are
limited to the ports specified by the account.
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